Marcel Ress

Iam Marcel Ress, born on May the 30th of 1988 in Mellrichstadt, Bavaria, where I spent my childhood and adolescence. The flavours and scents of my mother’s kitchen got me into cooking at a very young age. At only 7 years old, I cooked my first dish: a trout caught with my father which I baked with all kind of herbs I could find. At age 15 my passion for cooking was so deep that I decided to pursue my dream and contacted several restaurants and schools in order to get a training and become a chef. Because of my age, many restaurants and schools didn’t let me in until I got to Rhön Klinikum AG, where I was accepted in 2003 to become an intern.

I was determined to be a great chef. Once my internship was completed, I got offered the opportunity to study at Rhön, which I did during the following three years, learning all the basics to finally become a chef.


Once my training as a chef was completed, I decided to travel through Europe to learn, grow and find my path. From 2006 to 2007 I served as Chef de Partie / Junior Sous Chef at Sporthotel Alpin in Austria and later as Chef de Partie at the Michelin Star Restaurant Bachus Reads Hotel Relais & Chateaux.

My training continued in Germany, where I worked at the 2 star Kristall Restaurant in Wenberg from 2008 to 2009. While I was working in Germany, I got a call from Mallorca. Simply Fosh Restaurant (which I had contacted a couple month ago) was offering me to be the sous chef.

The island, Marc Fosh’s cooking and a new challenge sounded like the perfect opportunity, which is why I decided to leave Germany and landed in Palma de Mallorca in April 2009. During the years I was in charge of the kitchen of Simply Fosh I not only grew as a chef, but also managed to be awarded with a Michelin Star in November 2014 for the year 2015.

But more adventures were yet to come. In 2015 I started one of the most intense experiences a chef can live: participating in Spanish' TV show Top Chef. After a long run full of surprises, emotion and learning I was chosen as the winner and Spain's newest Top Chef on December, the 16th 2015, kicking off a new era of my life. Besides selling my own cooking book, I was the gastronomic advisor in charge of Villa Wesco in Santa María Mallorca where I welcomed many guests at personalized cooking lessons during 2016. In addition to Villa Wesco I got back into a kitchen when managing the kitchen of the Summer pop-up restaurant 'Verd' in Palma. 2017 is a year full of new challenges and projects which I will be developing with the same passion I had when I landed in Palma de Mallorca almost 10 years ago.

Sa Fàbrica - Avinguda Gran Via de Colón, 28. Inca (Mallorca) - 971 41 25 07