Marcel Ress

"In Sa Fábrica (Inca), our aim is to: serve simple dishes – use high-class products and make our guests happy" says Marcel Ress (Chef, Sa Fábrica)


Sa Fábrica offers simple menus of traditional cuisine (prepared with high-quality and first-class products) at affordable prices. The open kitchen gives guests a little insight into the work of the kitchen team.
Sa Fábrica brings you back to the 1950s - an old bar with live music and champagne. The cocktail bar offers a wide range of drinks.
Fàbrica Ramis is associated with the industrial heritage of Mallorca. After renovating the building, it has opened its doors again. The building was built in the late 1920s and was used as a textile factory. In the 1960s it was purchased by Antoni Ramis Tortella and converted into a leather factory.
Sa Fábrica uses only local products. Fruits and vegetables are cultivated in the factory yard. The menus are accompanied by an exquisite selection of Majorcan wines. Beer lovers can even get self-brewed beer.

In love with Mallorca, his people, his landscape and his cuisine - Marcel Ress has chosen "Fàbrica Ramis" as a place to realize his dream. The restaurant follows the architectural design of the old textile factory, as it is known from big cities such as New York, London or Barcelona. Guests can enjoy their delicious dishes in the factory yard of "Ramis". The design of the factory yard was inspired by the book "The Balears - written by Archduke Luís Salvador" and represents Majorcan flora and fauna.

Sa Fàbrica - Avinguda Gran Via de Colón, 28. Inca (Mallorca) - 971 41 25 07